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If you want or need to cut the bills from Satellite TV Pay Providers like Bell TV or ShawDirect or cut bills from Internet Entertainment PAY Providers like Netflix, FTA satellite is an option. You can save the Internet Bill too, if you are just keeping it for TV stuff. In the Good Old Days we had some Free satellite channels and some PAY satellite channels. The Satellite PAY Providers convinced people that "satellite piracy" was no good and to go with them paying a monthly bill. The people getting satellite Free To Air channels that were FREE got painted wrongfully with the same brush. Well, you can still get channels on satellites that are legal to watch and you won't have to pay a subscription.

If you get a simple FIXED system pointing at just one satellite you still get some FREE channels and if you get a MOVING dish that turns with a motor and follows the satellite arc in the sky pointing at one satellite at a time, then you can get what there is on every satellite that is viewable in our area.

A good site to see what is available is: www.lyngsat.com/america.html

We will be able to receive the Ku Band ones (11000/12000MHz Frequency) which can be received with dishes 30" to 39" in diameter. And the ones you can get for FREE and in the Clear are coloured yellow (Standard Definition), white (Analogue), light green (High Definition) and grey (Feeds). C-Band (3000/4000MHz Frequency) will require a dish 6 feet wide and more.

We can give you a system for as low as $25 for a good used satellite receiver and remote and $69 for a new dish and lnb and 100 feet coax. You will now have all you need to get some FREE TV.

Reception is different for everyone because all locations are different. The more satellites that are in line-of-site with nothing blocking your view of them, the more channels you have available from your dwelling.

Are you ready to SAVE on bills and get some FREE Satellite TV?

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