Why Buy From HobbySat?
We are the only complete satellite store in Halifax and the Maritimes! Same phone number and location more than 25 years. Before you buy from an installer in this area, or someone who has just started please check our history and their's. We pay taxes, provide support and help and do not move and change our phone number every two months. We have same phone number 30 years! Most of the installers out there buy product from us so why not buy direct from us too? Ask the installer how long they have been at that location and phone number. If they have just started, it is logical they will not stay in business long. We will take trade-ins for other systems you bought from a seller if your dealer will not help. Check if they have previously moved and left customers hanging. We will not do that. We sold the first Arabic system in Eastern Canada many years ago and are here for many more still to help you. We are honest and will not deceive you about satellite.