June 22, 2012.
The Children's Channel - Karameesh - has been added to the TV Guide:
Channel 512 - Karameesh Live
Channel 513 - Karameesh Time Shift

June 15, 2012.
The following channels are now live on the guide:
1 - CBC Live
2 - CBC TS
3 - Al Nahar Live
4 - Al Nahar TS
5 - Al Anwar Live
6 - Al Anwar TS
7 - Attounisia Live
8 - Attounisia TS
9 - Aghanina Live
10 - Aghanina TS
11 - Alrai Live
12 - Alrai TS
13 - Libya Alhurra Live
14 - Libya Alhurra TS
15 - Alafasy Live
16 - Alafasy TS
17 - MCP Live
18 - MCP TS
19 - Syria News Live
20 - Al Qiethera Live
These channel numbers will change to their proper spots after 1 week. These channels were comprised of top dealer and customer requests.

June 3, 2012.
The following channels are now live:
Channel 104 - Al Tahrir
Channel 210 - MBC Action
Channel 211 - Top Movies TV
Channel 349 - Rotana Aflam
Channel 350 - Rotana Aflam Timeshift
Channel 610 - Al Nas
Channel 611 - Al Nas Timeshift
Channel 612 - Al Majd Space Channel
Channel 613 - Al Majd Space Channel Timeshift
More to Come...

May 28, 2012.
Sport: Football, Al Jazeera +9 is on now. 159th station. Channel number 700. EURO football may be on here.
May 28, 2012.
Channel Numbers Change - Starting today, Monday, May 28, 2012, all channel numbers will be changing. These changes will take up to 2 days to implement. We are making these changes to prepare for adding new channels. This will prevent any channel number changes in the future and make a much more logical channel number listing similar to satellite TV. We will be informing customers via the "NEWS" update on the TV Guide.
....0-99 Info and Announcements
100-199 News
200-299 Entertainment
300-499 Countries
500-549 Kids
550-599 Music
600-699 Religion
700-799 Sports

May 14, 2012.
Within the next 14 days, IGOCOLO will be adding another 20 live channels (and corresponding time-shifted channels) to the lineup. This is another 40 channels!! These channels will be almost all recommendations from dealers and customers over the past year. This is just in time for an amazing Ramadan experience. This comes with NO ADDITIONAL COST. The channels will just appear on the guide when they are ready.
Within the next 30 days, we will be re-organizing the channel numbers so they are always the same. Just like other programmers like Shaw Direct, Bell ExpressVu, Dishnetwork or DirecTV, the channels will be divided in "groups". For example, SPORTS channels may be located in the 700-750 channel number range. NEWS may be in the 100-150 channel range. This way, customers will always know where to go to locate the category they wish to view.
Within the next 45 days, all new receivers will have a 100% new interface. This interface will include the following:
1) Favourites - customers can select any amount of channels as favourites. They can then use the remote to remove all channels EXCEPT for the favourites, for an enhanced viewing experience. They can always watch ALL channels at any time as well.
2) Changing channels on FULL SCREEN TV - while watching full screen, the customer can pull up a "sub guide" to browse channels and change channels without having to return to the guide.
3) Channel listings - All channels that have TV guide listings (about 60% of channels) will have complete channel guide information for customers.
4) NO MORE GETTING LOGGED OUT - the new login system will write directly to the machine (not an Internet explorer cookie) so customers will NEVER get logged out again.
5) REMOTE CONTROL - the remote control is custom programmed for this interface (no more keyboard functions, delayed commands). The same remote is faster, and will not hang or delay.
This new interface will ONLY be available on new USB Keys for Mini PCs or new Images for larger receivers. More information will be available when the system is ready.

March, 2012.
These Channels have been added: 39. ON TV Live, 82. Ishtar Live, 83. Ishtar EST, 157. African Cup 2012

February 5, 2012.
The channel Kurdistan Live 103 and Kurdistan EST 104 have been replaced by Sudan TV Live 103 and Sudan TV EST 104. The Kurdistan channel changed its broadcast format, and was no longer compatible with our encoders.

December 11, 2011.
81. Al Anwar Live
82. Al Anwar EST
153. Al Iraqiya Sport Live
These channels have been added today.

December 2, 2011.
0. Al Iraqiya Sport Live (temp) is replaced by Al Anwar (temp).

November 13, 2011.
We have made some channel changes as a result of dealer and customer feedback. We added the following channels:
1) Al Hayat Cinema
2) Kurdistan TV
3) Saudi Quran TV
4) Saudi Sunnah TV
We have removed the following channels, due to poor viewing:
1) KTV2
2) Yemen TV
More New channels to come in the next few weeks.
November 13, 2011. The fiber provider from Europe is currently having a router problem as of 4:31pm EST. It came back up at 4:53pm. Down again at 5:15pm.
   They are currently investigating and are working on it. This is beyond our control. However, it will be fixed. If you reboot your equipment when it comes
   back up it will be ok again. This info is in our Problems Checklist....thankyou.

November 11, 2011. Saudi Sport Channel is back by popular demand.

November 3, 2011. The following channels will be added within the next 7 days:
   1) Libya TV Timeshifted
   2) Fatafeat Timeshifted
   3) Coptic (CTV) Timeshifted
   4) Al Hayat Timeshifted
   More channels will be added in the next 15 - 30 days. Stay Tuned!

October 28, 2011. The following channels have been added to the Guide (Live and Timeshift):
    1) Syria Satellite Channel.
    2) Yemen TV.
    3) Saudi TV.
    4) Al Karma.
    5) Sharjah.
    6) Palestine TV.
    7) Qatar TV.
    8) Fatafeat (Timeshift coming soon).
    9) Aghapy TV.
  10) Abu Dhabi Sports (Live only).

   The following channels have been replaced due to high demand and research:
   1) Thalitha (Algérie 3) has been replaced by Canal Algérie (Live and Timeshift).
   2) Ajyal TV (kids) has been replaced by Toyor Al-Janah (It came back).
   3) Nile Drama 2 has been replaced by Melody Drama (It came back).
   4) Mazzika Zoom has been replaced by Melody Hits (It is the original channel that has come back).

   The following channels will be added next week:
   1) Al Hayat Timeshift.
   2) Coptic TV Timeshift.
   3) Kuwait TV 2 - Live and Timeshift.
   More channels will be added within 2 weeks from the Alhayat bouquet, and much more.

October 25, 2011. The amazing cooking channel FATAFEAT is now the first channel in the guide. It has replaced 125. Saudi Sport 1. More to come!!!
October 25, 2011. The following channel changes have taken place:
    Melody Drama has returned, replacing 44 and 45, Nile Drama 2 which was a temporary replacement.
    Toyor Al-Janah has returned, replacing 98 and 99, Ajyal (temporary replacement).
    Aghapy TV has replaced 83 and 84, Al Anwar. Al Anwar will come back in a couple weeks.
    Rotana Zaman has returned, replacing 114. Rotana Masriyah Live (temporary replacement)
    Melody Hits has returned, replacing 116. Mazzika Zoom Live (temporary replacement).
    In the next 2 weeks there will be an additional 16 channels plus Time-shifting including Canal Algérie and many more amazing channels. Stay tuned!
    Check our guide on the main page to see where any channels are now as some have moved channel location. Thanks.

September 8, 2011. Nickelodeon (channels 98, 99) has stopped broadcasting and has combined into MBC 3. Ajyal TV, a kids cartoon channel takes it's place.
September 6, 2011. AlMajd Space Channel (channel 125) has been replaced with Saudi Sport 1. Al Majd was on just for Ramadan.
August 18, 2011. Rotana Zaman (channel 114) is gone from the satellite. If it comes back we will put it on again. Rotana Masriyah Live replaces it for now.
August 8, 2011. El Mehwar (channels 53 and 54) are gone from the satellite. If it comes back we will put it on again.
August 2, 2011. Melody Drama has gone from the satellite. It is replaced with Nile Drama 2, channels 44 and 45.
August 2, 2011. Libya TV channel 126 and Talitha EST channel 61 are on the air. Melody Drama is gone from the satellites.
July 27, 2011. Rotana Zaman is not transmitting. Until it comes back we have Rotana Masriyah. Channel 114.
July 21, 2011. AlMajd Space Channel has been added to the Guide on Channel 124. This is a Muslim Channel for Ramadan only.
June 3, 2011. The African Nations Cup qualifier soccer game of Morroco vs. Algeria will be shown on Thalitha channel (Algérie 3). This channel is 61 on the guide.
     It is also on channel "0". It is on Saturday, June 4, 2011.

May 31, 2011. After a 3 week break, we have brought back Al Hayat Religious Channel. We apologize for removing this channel. However, this channel is
     not accessible on the normal satellites we use, so we had to make special arrangements to bring it back from another data centre. Please inform anyone
     that was waiting for the return of the channel.

May 29, 2011. The TV Guide now has channel numbers on it.
May 5, 2011. We are very excited about a BIG update to the Arabic TV service that will be implemented on Monday, May 9th, with a completion of Tuesday May 10th.
    The system will receive more:
    HD QUALITY picture enhancement.
    This means that the user will continue, by default, to get the same amazing streaming channels they have now. The picture will stream at a 25% higher bitrate
    for a 25% improvement in picture quality. This picture quality will be as good, if not better, than any other Arabic IPTV competitor. Before Ramadan another
    20-25% increase may happen. Of course, the HD option results in more bandwidth, but will be great for all users.

April 25, 2011. Al Hurra Live, Al Hurra EST, Al Anwar Live, Al Anwar EST, Al Iraqya Live, Al Iraqya EST are all on the air!
April 21, 2011. France 24 Arabic is on.
April 19, 2011. Medi 1 Live, Medi 1 EST, Al Maghribiya Live, Al Maghribiya EST on the air now.
Mar. 13, 2011. LBC Nagham is on and Star Academy 8 will be on it soon.
Mar. 5, 2011. Toyor Al Janah is not transmitting on the satellite. This is not a technical problem on our end. We will wait for an update from the satellite tracking
    websites, and have the channel returned as soon as it is possible. Meanwhile Cartoon Network is on.

Feb. 14, 2011. Dar Al Hayat TV 2 Live is on the air.
Feb. 2, 2011. 10:30 AST. Nile Life is on the air.
February 2, 2011, 10:30am EST. Coptic TV (Egypt) and Al Hayat are on the air!
Jan. 6, 2011. 2011 AFC Asian Cup is on the air.
Nov. 24, 2010. Gulf Cup of Nations Channel is on the air.
Nov. 17, 2010. MBC Drama is on the air.
Nov. 11, 2010 The channel is being time-shifted 8 hours today as well. Enjoy the 2 new channels!
Nov. 10, 2010. The popular children's channel, Toyor Aljanah is now live on the TV Guide. It is located just under Nickelodeon. Customers will have to close and
    open their browser guide to see the new channel, or wait until the browser refreshes (every 12 hours).

Oct. 15, 2010 Nile Sport Live is on the air.