MyGica KR60 factory infrared remote control XBMC Android

Facebook: Works on all these MyGicas: 380, 520, 520e, 582, 585, 1200 (2014 Edition+), 1800e.

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HOBBYSAT MEDIA PLAYERS - MyGica KR60 factory infrared remote control XBMC Android

MyGica KR-60 official original factory replacement IR remote control for MyGica ATV 1200, ATV 1800e, ATV 582, ATV585.

-Numeric Keypad
-TV Learning Remote
-Shortcut buttons now included for faster access to Netflix and XBMC/Kodi

XBMC/Kodi remote control designed for XBMC/Kodi TV Boxes.
Easily navigate through XBMC/Kodi with preset functions in the palm of your hands.
Reach: 10 metres or more.
33 keys.

Product Dimensions:
6.7x2.0x0.9 inches. 48x170x23 mm. Shipping Weight: 68 grams.

Manufacturer: Geniatech.

MyGica, Android, XBMC, Wi Fi, TV, Free, Movies

MyGica KR-60 Official Original Factory Replacement IR Remote Control for ATV 1200 (2014 Edition+).
MyGica KR-60 also works with ATV 380, 520, 520e, 582, 585, 1200 (2014 Edition+), 1800e.

Requires 2x AAA Batteries (Not included)

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Remote front - MyGica KR60 factory infrared remote control XBMC Android
Remote functions - MyGica KR60 factory infrared remote control XBMC Android

System Requirements:
→MyGica media player and internet connection

Tester's Review:
"I got this remote for my MyGica players and it works ok on all of them.
Thanks to HobbySat for being patient with my efforts to get the right remote...."
Alicia S., November 22, 2015 Halifax, N.S.

Made in China.
QC Passed

Why risk buying generic brands for a few dollars cheaper?
MyGica has Factory support with automatic updates. Best of all the MyGica comes with 1 year warranty in North America!!!!

What is Android TV box?
Android is the World’s leading Mobile and Tablet Operating System.
This means No Learning curves for Android users.
MyGica Android TV box turns any Television into a Smart TV or Converts your Existing Smart TV
into a Smarter TV.
The MyGica ATVs are powered by Android which allows you to download applications on your MyGicas
and share it with all your Android devices or vice versa.
Download from Millions of Apps, Games, Books, Movies and more on the Google Playstore.
Surf the Internet, Stream Movies, Read Ebooks, Play Games, Video chat and much more from your TV.
MyGica Android Boxes are Easy to Use and provide Endless Entertainment.


Warranty plus hardware failure replacement.
30 years selling electronics in Halifax.
Free Delivery in Halifax on this item. Free Shipping.
Order here or online from HobbySat.

This Package Includes:
• Display plastic pouch
• Infrared Remote Control

MyGica an expert in TV products, delivering the consumer the ultimate experience of watching internet television.

Who is MyGica?
Manufacturers of the highest quality Android TV Boxes including the Jynxbox Android, Pivos XIOS DS and MyGica Products.

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Remote front and side - MyGica KR60 factory infrared remote control XBMC Android