MyGica ATV510x Media Player Linux Only XBMC TV Box no WiFi

Item 868 Special Price $48.95Can or $36.53us Brand New.

Facebook: For a very small amount, you get to play with Kodi/XBMC and the Internet!

Cheapest MyGica is ethernet-ready (No WiFi) ATV510X, surf all the internet.

Item 868:     Special Temporary Price $48.95Can or $36.53us     Brand New.

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MyGica ATV510X Linux Only XBMC/Kodi TV Box $48.95 for your Big Screen.
You're just one step away from turning your TV into a Smart TV.
Android - Google TV

The MyGica ATV510X is a Media streamer running the official Geniatech Linux XBMC (12.1 Frodo)
so it boots directly into XBMC (the worlds premium open source media centre).
Playing virtually all video and music formats. MyGica ATV 510X is a popular low cost TV box
for those only using XBMC Media Software.

With hardware video decoding for XBMC, you can Stream HD movies or audio from your portable
USB HDD or from any computer connected to your home network.
Capable of 1080P playback, Dolby Digital audio encoding/decoding 5.1 Surround.

XBMC is the ultimate media player. Stream Movies and TV shows or your favourite Music from the
internet. Control XBMC with your Smart phone or IPad/Tablet or Air Mouse Remote. XBMC Media Centre.....
Watch your movies the way you want.

*****Please note this item comes in generic gift box packaging and not exactly as shown and is ethernet connection only, no WiFi.

Banner - MyGica ATV510x Media Player Linux Only XBMC TV Box no WiFi
Front and right side of MyGica ATV510x Media Player Linux Only XBMC TV Box no WiFi

CPU: ARM Cortex A9.
OS: Linux XBMC.
Frequency: 800MHz.
Storage: NAND 2GB.
External NTFS HDD Compatible.
Resolution: 1920x1080, 1280x720.
Built-in 802.11 b/g/n WiFi.
Supports simple IR remote control with mouse function.
Supports Micro SD card.
RJ45 10/100M Ethernet interface.
HDMI video output, connect to HDTV for HD video playback.
3x USB Ports.

This Package Includes:
MyGica ATV510X Linux XBMC Only TV Box.
HDMI cable.
User Manual.
Power Adapter.
Remote Control.

Product: Android ATV 510X TV box.
CPU: ARM Cortex A9.
Frequency: 800MHz.
Storage: NAND 2GB.
OS: Linux XBMC.
USB: Supports 2x external USB HOST.
Micro SD card: 1XSD slot.
RJ45: Wired internet connection.
HDMI: HDMI 1.4a output.
Remote control: 6 Key IR remote included.
Voltage: 5.0V/2A DC.

Resolution: 1280x720.
Product Size: 100mm(L)x100mm(W)x17mm(H).
Weight: 160g.
Power Consumption: 5.0V/2A DC.
Remote Distance: 8 Metres Visual.

System Requirements:
TV with HDMI-in
Internet router

MyGica an expert in TV products, delivering the consumer the ultimate experience of watching internet television.

Who is MyGica?
Manufacturers of the highest quality Android TV Boxes including the Jynxbox Android, Pivos XIOS DS and MyGica Products.

What is Android TV box?
MyGica Android TV box turns any Television into a Smart TV or Converts your Existing Smart TV into a Smarter TV.
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MyGica Android Boxes are Easy to Use and provide Endless Entertainment.

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Back of MyGica ATV510x Media Player Linux Only XBMC TV Box no WiFi
Rightside and back of MyGica ATV510x Media Player Linux Only XBMC TV Box no WiFi
Box - MyGica ATV510x Media Player Linux Only XBMC TV Box no WiFi