HOBBYSAT MEDIA PLAYERS - 2x DGP-PL085 85M Powerline Networking wall mount Ethernet Bridge Internet Adapter video streaming media player

Facebook: Simple solution to distribute your audio/video, internet, computer, gaming, TV, movies etc. around the house.

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HOBBYSAT MEDIA PLAYERS - 2x DGP-PL085 85M Powerline Networking wall mount Ethernet Bridge Internet Adapter video streaming media player

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Powerline Networking.
DGP-PL085 85M Powerline wall mount ethernet bridge 2x.
Adapter extender kit external turbo mega plug ethernet interface.

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No need to spend time and money professionally installing expensive Ethernet cabling to share your high
speed cable or DSL modem. Sharing your high speed modem is as fast and simple as plugging the devices
in the wall. All with no new wires! Spend less time setting up, and more time streaming and gaming.
No need for extra Internet cables--simply use your home's existing electrical outlets. Plug it in and
you're ready to stream, surf, and play. Just plug one adapter into any power outlet and connect it to
your router. Wherever you watch your TV or Blu-ray player, simply connect the second adapter to an
Internet-enabled device, plug it into any outlet, and start streaming.

Shipping Weight: 520 grams     1 lb. 2.2 ounces.
Shipping Dimensions: 8.25"x6.06"x3.50"     210 L x 154 W x 90 H mm

No neeed for new wires for Home networking.
Home power outlets are available essentially everywhere
    you might want to use a networked device. Ranges up to 200 metres.
Deliver the benefits of Ethernet without the wiring expense.
Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and HomePlug 1.0/Turbo standards.
Privacy through DES encryption.

Ethernet device.
AC power outlet.
Windows system for encryption setup.

Official DGP-PL085 85M Powerline Internet Adapter
Get a DGP-PL085 85M Powerline adapter for your media stuff throughout the house.

Get a DGP-PL085 85M Powerline Adapter for Skyping and Video Calling/Chatting.
Say you want to make a call but the router is in a different room. In cases like this, an ethernet
network CAT5/6 cable is not an easy soltion. You can still use a wired solution but make use of
the electrical wiring and Powerline adapters. The adapters send the internet signal through the house
slower than an ethernet cable but far faster than wireless or WiFi.

These units are GREAT for media players and computer devices!

- Is cost effective.
- Uses the home's existing powerline at any power outlet.
- High-speed Powerline adapter with ethernet interface.
- Connect any 1 internet ready device: PC, TV, IPTV, Blu-ray player, printer server, or gaming console.
- Easy setup install - Plug and Play and simple to use.
- Speed - fast data transfer rates up to 85* Mbps data rate.
- Even transmit video in DVD quality.
- 56 bit DES link encryption for security.
- Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for high data reliability in noisy media conditions.
- Co-exists with existing Powerline 14M and 85M or others.
*The standard transmission rate--85Mbps--is the ideal physical data rate. Actual
data throughput and distance will be lower, depending on interference, network traffic,
building materials, and other conditions.

Box + Bridges - DGP-PL085 85M Powerline wall mount Ethernet Bridge Internet Adapter video streaming
Bridges - DGP-PL085 85M Powerline wall mount Ethernet Bridge Internet Adapter video streaming
PC, Mac, PrintServer, Laptop - DGP-PL085 85M Powerline wall mount Ethernet Bridge Internet Adapter video streaming

Turn any electrical outlet into a high-speed network connection.
DGP-PL085 85M Powerline Adapter lets you reliably transmit content from the Internet
directly to computers and other network devices through the household electrical wiring.
Send data with speeds of up to 85Mbps. Ideal for areas that are hard to reach by wireless connections.

Transform your existing electrical wiring into a high-speed network for streaming
movies and games from your favourite online services with the DGP-PL085 85M Powerline
Internet Adapter. Connect an Internet-ready TV, Blu-ray player, or gaming console
through any power outlet for the easiest way to get a fast and reliable online connection.

Stable, Reliable Connection
Thick walls and cement building materials can degrade wireless signal strength and interfere
with network performance. Powerline adapter provides a secure, stable Internet connection in places
where wireless signals don’t reach. Turn any wall outlet into an Internet access point, with
a fast, reliable online connection. Powerline technology allows you to reliably transmit
Internet content directly to computers and entertainment devices through the electrical
wiring in your home--without the need for costly Ethernet cable installation.

Get a seamless high-speed connection with speeds of up to 85Mbps--ideal for streaming video and

1 Port
1x Ethernet RJ-45 port

The Ethernet port on the adapter makes it easy to stream Internet data.
Connect one Internet-enabled device like a TV, Blu-ray player, or gaming console.

Perfect for GAMING and Gamers.
Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Pad, Android TV Boxes, XBMC or KODI, STB, HTPC, IPTV,
Google TV Box, Playstation, XBOX 360, PS3, computers, TVs etc.

Works with all appliances with an ethernet internet port.
All MyGica. ZaapTV. Jadoo. Computers. Laptops. Notebooks. Tablets. Shava. BTV. maaxTV. AraabTV. Skyping. Video streaming.

Factory Replacement or Add-on Ethernet Bridge for any and all electronic appliances with an ethernet port.
Official and stock.

• Protocol: Video Sending through electrical household wiring
• Operation Range: Up to 200 feet, 61 metres or more via home wiring
• Supports OEM and ODM service
• Colour: White
• 3 status LED indicators for powerline networking activity PL, ethernet link activity ETH and power ready PWR
• Use: Universal, TV, DVD, STB, Aux, HOM and so on…
• Compact, user-friendly design, suitable for any environment
• Ports: ethernet RJ-45, 1 in each bridge
• Operating environment:
    Temperature conditions: 0°C to 50°C, 32°F to 122°F.
    Humidity: 10%-90%, non-condensing
• Frequency Band: 4.3 MHz.

→IEEE 802.3/802.3u
→HomePlug® AV-certified
→Compatible with HomePlug 1.0 Turbo

Buyer's Review:
We bought these from HobbySat and are happy with them. As advertised they save running
cables around the house and deliver video/data from one part of the house to the other.
The price is good for us too.

Judy M. April 25, 2017, Halifax.

UPC: 6 69716 25017 0

Certifications, Conformance:
✓Made in Taiwan
✓QC Passed
✓RoHS Compliant
✓C UL US Listed
✓WEEE Symbol, for separate electronic waste collection
✓Universally Recyclable
✓Class II double insulated
✓No New Wires

Why risk buying generic brands for a few dollars cheaper?
You get 'Hobby' support.


Warranty plus hardware failure replacement.
30 years selling electronics in Halifax.
Free Delivery in Halifax on this item. Free Shipping.
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This Package Includes:
• Display Box
• 2x Powerline Internet Bridge Adapters in cloth bags
• 2x Ethernet Category 5 Cables in sealed plastic bags
• Encryption Utility Powerline Management CD
• Quick Installation Guide in English

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Playstation, Xbox - DGP-PL085 85M Powerline wall mount Ethernet Bridge Internet Adapter video streaming
Computer - DGP-PL085 85M Powerline wall mount Ethernet Bridge Internet Adapter video streaming